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We all know the importance and benefits of using your mobile devices on our day to day tasks, specially when it comes to sales, support and overall CRM users. In order to contribute that extra bit as Admin or Developer and drive engagement in your org, making the system environments and applications to symbolise your brand goes a long way in exciting users as well just being cool :).

Salesforce has 2 very easy and efficient methods to achieve this.

The First method

it is to simply customise your ORG to match your colour scheme via Setup and change the logo and Pronto it is done, got yourself a themed iOS app for your Salesforce users.

  1. Download the Salesforce Free and Native Application here

2. Via your Salesforce Org navigate to Setup and Search for “Branding” where you will be able to set your “Brand Colour“, “Loading Page colour” and of course the “logo” to be displayed while your app is loading. Some sample images below:





The end result can be quite cool and at the same time allowing the Culture and identity for your brand to determine the look & feel. Sample Below

Another areas you have the ability to change of of course in your Org itself. Below you can see the section is pretty much the same and easily adjustable and easy to change and play with until you are satisfied.








The Second Method

Get Started with MySalesforce App 

It would allow your to fully customise and disguise the Salesforce brand entirely, as awesome as the Salesforce team is, of curse we have a Trailhead for that.

Salesforce Introduction as below

Introducing mySalesforce

What exactly is mySalesforce? Well, it’s identical to the Salesforce mobile app, but it’s better… because it’s truly yours. It’s a fully branded version of your Salesforce mobile implementation. Your app icon, your name, your colors, and—most important—your very own listing in Google Play™ and the Apple App Store®.

Back to me 🙂 …. What this would allow you is a greater freedom to innovate while using features such as Actions, VisualForce pages and Mobile friendly JS(JavaScript) frameworks but these are topics for another post.

This is it for this post and hoping it was an useful tip and get some of you configuring and sharing some great UI customisation in Salesforce.

Thanks Diogo

Extra Resources to get your going below:

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